Why Is It So Hard to Get a Job as a Unit Secretary? (Video)

Getting a job as a unit secretary in a hospital is hard! Whether you have prior experience or not, it is tough getting a job. 

Some of my suggestions to work around this is to:

  • Apply to work per diem to get your foot in the door
  • Apply at another type of medical facility like a Skilled Nursing facility, Rehabilitation Facility, Nursing Home, etc.
  • Apply for another job within the hospital that will get you in. For example, I knew a guy who was a Unit Secretary at the rehab facility right next to the hospital, but he could not get a job as a unit secretary in the hospital. So, he took a job as a transporter. He had to wait for six months before he could apply for the position, but hey he was in.

I offer more suggestions in the video above.

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