Tips for Dressing Appropriately as a ​Unit Secretary (Video)

Dressing appropriately as a unit secretary is important for several reasons. For one, it's the first impression that you make on your new coworkers when they see what type of clothing and accessories are allowed in their work environment; also you don't want to be that person walking by wearing inappropriate attire. People do talk.  

Dress codes vary from hospital to hospital. Some offices require business-like clothing, while others may have more casual dress codes; however, it's important to always be professional and presentable at work!

The following are some helpful information about the different types of outfits most medical facilities recommend:

A uniform. We must wear black or khaki pants and a white shirt/blouse at the hospital.

Business Casual blends traditional business wear with a more relaxed style that is still professional and appropriate for an office environment. You may have to wear a nice pair of slacks (any color) with a shirt or blouse (any color). On the ICU's other sister floor, the unit secretary wears business casual. 

Scrubs. Nurses wear scrubs, and sometimes the unit secretary wears them, too. I've mainly seen the CNA/HUC wear scrubs because they will work the desk and assist patients.

These are the most common dress code requirements for hospital work. Remember that you are the first impression of the hospital and your unit. 

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