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Workplace Romance

Dating a coworker can be tricky, but it's not impossible. I know firsthand because I dated someone I met at work for two years. We kept our relationship quiet and low-key because I didn't want to be the subject of the rumor mill. While it was a positive experience, I caution against dating superiors or anyone who could potentially impact your career. Keeping the romance out of the office and maintaining a professional attitude while enjoying your relationship outside of work is important.

At the end of the day, you want to be known for your hard work and not your personal life. So, keep your love life quiet and bask in the joy of being the subject of something other than office gossip.


Dating a Co Worker as a Health Unit Coordinator (Video)

Photo by from Pexels

I dated a coworker once. We kept it private even though he wanted it out in the open so other guys would know I was off the market. We were constantly told that we made a cute couple. We would laugh at them because they didn't know our secret. 

We kept it discreet because we didn't want to become the talk of the hospital. We didn't want people trying to break us up by spreading lies. 

So, if you date a coworker, keep it cute and put it on mute.