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Mastering the Art of Handling Disaster: A Unit Secretary's Guide

As a unit secretary, remaining calm and adaptable in a crisis can be critical to the safety and well-being of patients and staff. When disaster strikes, whether it be a natural disaster or an unexpected emergency situation, it's important to have a plan and be flexible enough to adjust as needed. 

As a key healthcare team member, the unit secretary plays an important role in helping to maintain communication and coordination between different departments and personnel. By staying alert, organized, and responsive during times of crisis, unit secretaries can help ensure that patients receive the best care possible. 

Being prepared for the unexpected is an essential part of the job, and a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration can make all the difference in facing adversity.


What Comes After the Pandemic? The 6 Stages of a Disaster (Video)

The pandemic that we are seeing didn't just happen overnight. Anytime that there is a "disaster," there are phases to it.

  1. Pre-disaster Phase
  2. Impact Phase
  3. Heroic Phase
  4. Honeymoon Phase
  5. Disillusionment Phase
  6. Reconstruction Phase

In this video, I'll explain what those phases are and how they apply to those in the medical field, the United States, and the world.