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Why Medical Terminology is Essential Knowledge for Unit Secretaries

As a Unit Secretary in a healthcare setting, you may wonder if knowing medical terminology is necessary. Simply put, the answer is yes. Medical terminology is the language healthcare professionals use to communicate patient information accurately and precisely. It can be the difference between life and death for a patient, so Unit Secretaries must have a solid understanding of basic medical terminology. 

Not only will it help you better understand and communicate with other healthcare professionals, but it will also enable you to assist patients more effectively. While it may seem overwhelming initially, learning medical terminology is essential to being a competent Unit Secretary and an important step toward providing exceptional patient care.


What are the Qualifications to Be a Unit Secretary? (Video)

A lot of the viewers to my YouTube channel are people looking for any information on being a Unit Secretary.

I love getting these types of questions. And I love answering and making videos for them.

Keep the questions coming. 


What Is The Most Commonly Used Medical Terminology? (Video)

 What do you think is the most commonly used medical terminology?


The 3 Hardest Things to Learn as a Health Unit Coordinator (Video)

I was asked a question on my YouTube channel about what is the hardest thing to learn as a Health Unit Coordinator. I replied with three answers.  

1. Learning medical terminology. 
2. Learning how to multi-task. 
3. Learning how to deal with all of the personalities that are in a hospital.  

I explain this in the video above. 

I also explain in-depth that and more in my two books Steps to Becoming a Medical Secretary and Steps to Becoming a Health Unit Coordinator.   

Do You Really Need to Know Medical Terminology to Become a Health Unit Coordinator? (Video)

Last week, I told you I had just completed a new booklet, Steps To Becoming a Health Unit Coordinator. Below, I will continue to give you a sneak peek.

This is a follow-up to Steps To Becoming a Medical Secretary - A Step-by-Step Guide to Working in a Hospital.

This is not just another book that lists suggestions. I put all of these tips into action and share that information with you!

Subjects include:
  1. Awards and Recognition – do you live for the award and recognition that comes with a job well done, or do you go to work, do your job and go home?
  2. Consent Forms – what to make sure is listed on a consent form.
  3. Frustrated at Work? - read my list of things to do to calm yourself down.
  4. Medical Terminology - do you really need to know it?
  5. Telephones/Call Lights - do you let them ring 10 times or grab them promptly?