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Unlock Your Earning Potential as a Unit Secretary

When considering a career in health unit coordination, one of the first questions that often comes to mind is how much one can expect to earn in this field. It's a valid concern, after all. We all want to ensure that our hard work is properly compensated. 

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for health unit coordinators was $41,260 as of 2023. Of course, earning potential can vary depending on various factors, such as location, experience, education level, and qualifications. 

But for those passionate about providing vital administrative support in healthcare settings, health unit coordination can be a fulfilling and lucrative career path.


How Much Money Does a Unit Secretary Make? (Video)

As a unit secretary, your salary will be dependent on several factors. 

First, your work experience will be one of the most important factors, as more experienced secretaries can command higher salaries. 

The region you live in will also play a role, as the cost of living varies across the country. For example, secretaries in New York City will likely earn more than those in smaller towns. 

The state you live in may also affect your salary, as some states have higher average wages than others. 

Finally, the hospital you work at and your job duties will also impact your earnings. Larger hospitals and those with more complex unit structures will typically offer higher salaries. 

So, when considering a career as a unit secretary, keep these factors in mind. 

With experience and a bit of research, you can be sure to find a position that offers the salary you deserve.


Will The Unvaccinated Pay More for Health Insurance? (Video)


In recent weeks, there have been talks to charge the unvaccinated more for life and health insurance, as a way to encourage people to get vaccinated.

In this video, I'll discuss whether or not insurance companies can do that and if there should be other incentives to reward those who chose to be vaccinated.


How Much Do Health Unit Coordinators Make?

Pay depends on what region of the country you are in. When I was a Health Unit Coordinator in Memphis, Tennessee, more than 10 years ago, the starting base salary was under $10, but it did include shift and weekend differential. I am now in South Florida, and with my years of experience, my starting salary was much higher.

A simple Google search reveals that the average Health Unit Coordinator salary on the low end is $23,000, and on the high end is $29,000 per year.

If you are fresh off the street with no medical background but have computer and/or office skills, then your pay will be totally different than someone with experience as a Health Unit Coordinator who can also read EKG strips.

If you are in the market for a new job, check out, type in a hospital's name, and see what current and past employees say about the salary there.