Don't Sabotage Your Trainees: Learn How To Thrive as a Trainer

Are you a trainer who's winding down training soon? If so, listen up. 

  • It's time to step back and let your trainees use their brains. If they ask a question, wait to reply with an answer they already know. Let the silence hang in the air. Trust that they've learned what you've taught them and will apply it when you're not there. 
  • Another key to success? Encourage honesty. No matter the issue, have an open-door policy and tell them that honesty is the best. 
  • Make yourself available for them after the training with your personal phone number or email. But be warned, only some people are cut out for training. 
  • Some trainers may intentionally sabotage the new hire, leading to their own job security. Don't fall into that trap. Instead, be your best trainer and watch your trainees succeed.

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