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Unlock The Power of Meetings: Make a Lasting Impact as a Unit Secretary

As a health unit coordinator, attending meetings may seem like another item to add to your ever-growing to-do list. However, before you brush them off, consider the benefits. 

Attending health unit coordinator meetings can provide valuable insights and opportunities to connect with other professionals in your field. These meetings offer a chance to discuss best practices, share experiences, and gain feedback from colleagues. 

Additionally, attending these meetings can help you stay up-to-date with your industry's latest developments and trends. By staying informed and connected, you can enhance your skills and your team's, ultimately aiding in delivering quality patient care.


Dos and Don'ts of Workplace Meetings (Video)

In a meeting, there are several Dos and Don'ts to keep in mind to maintain professionalism and keep the meeting running smoothly.

  • First, it is essential to respect everyone in the meeting and allow each person to have a turn to speak. 
  • Second, do make sure to keep the conversation on track. And, if there are side conversations, politely remind the participants to focus on the matter. 
  • Third, It is also essential to pay attention, keep an open mind, and be willing to compromise.
  • Fourth, Don't hesitate to ask for clarification if you are unsure about something. 
  • Fifth, do pipe up if you have ideas or suggestions. Unit Secretaries are often uniquely positioned to offer valuable insights, so don't be afraid to share your thoughts.

By following these simple guidelines, Unit Secretaries can help to ensure that meetings are productive and respectful.


Should You Attend Health Unit Coordinator Meetings?

Over the last four weeks, you’ve been reading a quick summary of some of my tips from my new booklet, Steps To Becoming a Health Unit Coordinator.

This is not just another book that lists suggestions. I put all of these tips into action and share that information with you!

Topics include:

  1. Committees – should you get involved on committees to make the hospital a better place?
  2. CPR – you work the desk – why must you know CPR? It's important.
  3. Health Unit Coordinator Meetings – should you attend them?
  4. Leaving the Company – when is it a good time to move?
  5. Orienting New Secretaries - do you feel comfortable training new Health Unit Coordinators?

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