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Patient Diversity

Working in healthcare, you are bound to encounter all sorts of patients with unique needs and challenges. From elderly patients to those suffering from serious illnesses, every patient is different and requires an individualized approach to their care.

One patient may require extra attention due to their non-compliant diabetic condition, while another may have survived a traumatic car accident and need extensive medical attention. Additionally, drug addicts and smokers add a level of complexity to treatment plans.

Though each patient will present their own set of difficulties, they deserve compassionate and attentive care – which makes this profession so rewarding.


New Florida Law Requires Hospitals to Check Immigration Status of Medicaid Patients

Starting July 1, hospitals in Florida that accept Medicaid are now required by law to ask patients about their immigration status. This mandate was introduced by SB 1718, an immigration bill signed by Governor Ron DeSantis in May, as reported by the Miami Herald.

Under the new law, hospital admission and registration forms must include a question asking whether the patient is legally in the United States. Furthermore, these forms must clearly state that patients' answers will not impact their medical care and that their immigration status will not be reported to the authorities.

To ensure compliance, hospitals must provide a quarterly report to the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, which oversees hospitals in the state. This report will include information on the total number of hospital admissions and emergency room visits, categorizing them by U.S. citizens, undocumented individuals, and those who chose not to disclose their status.


How to Take Care of People Who Come to the Nursing Station (Video)

People will approach you at the nursing station every day. Below are things that you should do to assist them.  

  • Make eye contact with the person and smile. 
  • Ask what brought them to a nursing station, listen carefully while they talk about their concerns or problems, and offer to help if you can. Be mindful of how you are interacting so far - do not interrupt. 
  • Escort them to a location if you know the directions are confusing. You know the hospital's layout better than they do, and walking them to another unit or the correct department is the right thing to do.  
  • If you can assist them in getting a book, phone charger, or a clean blanket or towels, 
  • If you can, follow up to see if they need anything else. 


Abandoned Patients in the Hospital (Video)

Learn about the plight of hospital patients who are abandoned. Discover how healthcare providers can offer support and improve their well-being.


Will Hospital Patient Visits Return to Normal in 2021?

This article asks a good question: Will the patient census return to normal in 2021? Hospital workers know that the usual suspects, also known as "frequent fliers," will never let a pandemic stop them from visiting the hospital. But what about everyone else?

Tell me what you think will happen this year? Click the link below and tell me what you think. Leave your comments below.